In the world of catering sales, success often comes to those who can envision their goals and then put in the work to make those dreams a reality. It’s a principle that’s encapsulated perfectly in Barbie’s empowering message to fans of all ages: “See it, then be it”.

Embracing this mindset places you at the helm of driving sales and reaching unprecedented heights of success.

Here’s how…

Visualizing Success:

The first step in the “See it, then be it” mindset involves painting a clear picture of what success looks like. This could be landing a lucrative corporate client, achieving quarter goals on enhancement selling, or establishing your catering business as the go-to wedding catering professional in your local area.

Visualization is a powerful tool; like Barbara Millicent Roberts, who has taken on roles from astronaut to zoologist, seeing yourself closing the sale of the type of business you aspire to obtain is the first step towards achieving it.

Who is your next big catering client? Want to bring that client into the clouds with you (see below)?


Developing a Plan:

Once you’ve visualized your goals, the next step is to develop a roadmap to achieve them. This is where the “be it” part of the mantra comes into play.

Analyze your current sales strategies and identify what needs to change to reach your goals. This could involve investing in new venue partner relationships, expanding your menu offerings to suit the needs of our evolving market, or ramping up your marketing efforts (are you on Threads yet?).

Start brainstorming with your sales team on new ideas to expand your region. And while you are at it, ask your team in culinary and operations for their ideas and add them to the list.

Three teammembers brainstorming and collaborating in an office.

Adapting and Evolving:

The world of catering, much like the world of Barbie, is constantly evolving. As a result, it’s crucial to remain adaptable and open to change. This could mean adopting new food trends, incorporating sustainable practices, or utilizing technology to improve your services. By embracing change, you can ensure that your business remains competitive and aligns with your vision of success.

Here are 5 areas you should consistently audit in your catering company to stay ahead of the market:

  1. Menu Innovation: Consistently update your menus (and menu style) to reflect current food trends and incorporate locally sourced, organic, and sustainable options. Seasonal menus can also create a sense of freshness and keep customers interested.
  2. Technology Utilization: Embrace technology for seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences. This could be in the form of online ordering, virtual event planning tools, AI-based customer service, or using data analytics for strategic decisions.
  3. Marketing Tactics: Regularly evaluate and update your marketing strategies. This includes your digital marketing efforts (like SEO, content marketing, and social media strategy), as well as traditional marketing. Utilize customer data to personalize your marketing efforts.
  4. Service Offerings: Stay alert to new trends in the event planning and catering industry, such as unique serving styles or event themes. Expanding your services to include full event planning or specialized types of events could also help attract a broader customer base.
  5. Sustainability Practices: As more consumers value eco-friendliness, implement green practices in your business. This could include reducing food waste, using sustainable ingredients, offering plant-based or vegetarian options, and utilizing eco-friendly packaging and utensils.

Believing in Your Potential:

Just as Barbie instills in fans the belief that they can be anything they set their minds to, it’s crucial to believe in your potential and the potential of your catering business. Maintaining a positive mindset and having confidence in your abilities is crucial when it comes to driving sales and growing your business.

If you don’t think you are worth it, your client never will. If you believe in what you are selling, AND know your client is better off using you, get ready to make it rain!

Seeing It Through:

Finally, once you’ve visualized your goals, developed a plan, adapted to changes, and fostered a belief in your potential, it’s time to put in the work and see it through. Barbie’s varied careers are testament to her commitment and dedication, traits that are just as important in the catering industry. Stay consistent, keep your eyes on your goals, and put in the hard work required to make your vision a reality.

Embracing the “See it, then be it” mindset is about much more than just positive thinking – it’s about creating a clear vision, developing a strategic plan, adapting to change, believing in your potential, and committing to hard work.

Just as this mantra has propelled Barbie to global fame, so too can it guide your catering sales to new heights.

Start visualizing, and let’s make those catering dreams come true.

Margaret Brower
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