The Best Sales Coaching Program for Your Catering and Venue Team

Let’s get PUMPED about sales again! Margaret will be your consistent go-to resource for maximizing the potential of every sales team member and implementing strategies that spearhead the success of the entire business. With these virtual training sessions, your team will have not only come to work ready to close and connect but think about sales in a whole new way.

Our Solutions

As professional sales development is constantly in the front of our minds, the actions tied to our intentions are often moved to the back burner. Let Rainmaker take care of it for you.

Margaret’s virtual sales coaching & training programs are customized to suit the needs of your team. They are designed to advance your sales talent to streamline your efficiency, drive revenue stream, and incorporate your company’s core values.

  • “Virtual Sales Meeting Coach”
  • “Director of Sales Therapy”
  • “Interactive Sales Training Workshops”
  • “Remote DOS”
  • “Venue Sales Structure Consultant”
  • “Private Skill Building for New Hires & Veteran Staff”

“Virtual Sales Meeting Coach”
“Director of Sales Therapy”
“Interactive Sales Training Workshops”
“Remote DOS”
“Venue Sales Structure Consultant”
“Private Skill Building for New Hires & Veteran Staff”


Challenge your venue or catering sales team to reach their peak potential by booking a powerful coaching session. With Margaret’s guidance, you can unlock fresh insights and knowledge that will help your team develop new strategies for success in an ever-changing market.

“Virtual Sales Meeting Coach”
“Director of Sales Therapy”
“Interactive Sales Training Workshops”
“Remote DOS”
“Venue Sales Structure Consultant”
“Private Skill Building for New Hires & Veteran Staff”

Margaret is an outstanding mentor who has played a key role in shaping both my personal and professional journeys. I owe much of my success to Margaret’s support and guidance. Her wealth of experience and willingness to share insights have been instrumental in overcoming the challenges of the professional world. Margaret’s encouragement and constructive feedback have been a driving force behind my growth and achievements.

What sets Margaret apart is not just her expertise but also her genuine care for her mentees. She creates a welcoming and collaborative environment, fostering a sense of belonging and shared success. Margaret’s mentorship extends beyond the workplace, making her a trusted friend and a source of inspiration.

As I reflect on my professional journey, I am immensely grateful for Margaret’s influence. She has not only equipped me with valuable skills but has also empowered me to pursue my larger goals with confidence. Margaret’s impact on my career is immeasurable, and I am proud to have her as a mentor and friend.

Lauren Banwart
Director of Planning
Zilli Hospitality Group


I Thee Wed

Weddings are emotional and financial. When you are the venue and the caterer, your salesperson has a multilayered role of selling both food, space, and themselves. In this masterclass, we will pour years of proven wedding sales success into both new and veteran talent. Learn how to balance functional and emotional needs, identify tangible and intangible must-haves, and the secrets to selling weddings through client connection.


Crisis Management Development

Is your sales team trained in comprehensive crisis management customer service? Now more than ever, this skill is paramount. Equip your sales department with the tools necessary to empathize, deflate, manage, and maneuver through the toughest catering client situations.



It’s your job to show them what they want. In an insta-worthy world, every client yearns for the wow that will set their event apart from the ones that came before. Upgrades are not only about the “what” but also about the “when.” This Session Focuses on Both Sales & Marketing Strategical Planning, and How to Add Profit to Every Event.


Sales Efficiency

As hospitality professionals, we are givers, and it is easy to paint a blurry picture of what is included when a client books your venue catering services. We progress from sales professionals to sales coordinators, to event hosts, and often due to our generous nature, fulfill requests we aren’t being paid for. Let’s fix that.

Making A Rockstar Team

Next level sales are developed by focusing on people as individuals, every single time.  Let’s create a hospitality sales force where every person maximizes their potential for their own growth and that of the venue.  Feed the individual; they will feed the team, and the team will feed the business.


Social Media & Digital Marketing

Sales 101 will only get you so far in the digital age, with instant gratification steering client expectations. A prospective client knows almost everything they need to know about you from your digital persona before they commit to a tour. Let’s make sure the digital-first impression you are putting out accurately represents you and your company.


Sales Team Management

Tell me about your team, and let’s get them what they need. Every team and venue is unique. There is no magic formula so when we look at management two-fold, skill development and human development, we end up with a team that is fulfilled financially and emotionally in the workplace.


The Promises of Sales

Bonding Sales, Culinary and Operations is not only time-consuming but can also feel like family therapy. Problems arise when there can be a disconnect between departments. Stop pointing fingers and start setting one another up for success.


What Are We Really Saying?

Build correspondence templates signature to your brand, venues, specialties, and clients. Here we will create a correspondence flow-chart and explore how a prospective client is receiving your information with custom method diagrams. Let’s explore your pain point and client aversions and address them in the positive prior to the client initiating the conversation.

Are You A Rainmaker?

Are You A Rainmaker?

As hospitality sales leaders, we know the insides of venue-centric social media marketing, reputation management, image and brand management, and consumer behavior and psychology. Our ability to conceptualize and test is simultaneous. Our expert experience in catering and event sales and execution is always in the front of our minds while the creative team builds and problem solves through marketing. This allows us to slash the back and forth normally required to generate innovative custom solutions.


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Discover how Rainmaker Sales & Marketing will equip your sales team with tailored tools and techniques designed specifically for your business success.