Margaret Brower

rain·mak·er /ˈrānˌmākər/

In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings about a high-level of success, particularly in terms of revenue and sales, almost by magic, through never-ending business development and new connections.

When I think about the definition, I prefer the visual of the rainmaker during the ritual, rather than the sale. It’s the person who attempts to cause rain to fall, pushing through doubt, defying odds. Creating something from only potential.

The first time I heard someone call me a rainmaker I had just left the Hudson Valley in 2010, a newlywed moving back to Long Island to start a family. My former bosses wanted me to take a personality assessment called the Culture Index so they could compare new applicants to my profile. When I received the results, it was like reading the pages of my diary. THE RAINMAKER – all my strengths, my motivators, the right environment for my success, big picture ideas, even how I prefer to be managed. Hanging on every word, I read it like a roadmap. This was who I was, on paper, and it changed my life. If I could steer these traits and tendencies, I’d have a shot at living to my fullest potential.

Every salesperson I have ever mentored since has taken a personality assessment. We go over the results together; a tool for them and me. How can I manage, challenge, train them to produce and connect, if we don’t understand their needs and what makes them tick? How many unique souls do you encounter in your workplace? Each office, each venue distinctive.

Returning to the Hudson Valley in 2013 with L.I. luxury venue sales director experience and a toddler in tow, I aimed for something different. I developed a sales program with a two-fold leadership approach, skill development and human development, and the result was a team that was fed emotionally, not just financially. Cultivating individual talent resulted in $22M in annual revenue, over 650 weddings per year; not the other way around. Throughout the pandemic, my “something different” started to spread. I had the privilege of collaborating and coaching sales leaders around the country on crisis management, empathetic selling, how to engage and motivate your team when the sky is literally falling. It lit a match that has turned into a truly exciting bonfire.

Rainmaker Sales & Marketing Group- the next step in my journey. I want to help hospitality companies develop a sales force where every person maximizes their potential by using their specific skill set and tapping into how they are motivated. My program is customizable to fit your objectives and areas where you need help in shining brighter. I am thrilled to help sales teams operate at new levels where they support one another and become closers that drive profitable sales and maintain forever client relationships that lead to sustained success for the company.

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