“A leader. . .is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.”
Nelson Mandela

When I train, I give it all away. There is nothing held close to the chest. Nothing so good I couldn’t possibly share it with someone else. Every file on my computer or idea in my head has always been considered the sales enablement toolbox of those I have coached. I do this because the work is worth it, and when they shine, we all shine. Give them a fish and feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime. In sales, that saying should read, “Teach them to fish and feed the team for a lifetime.”

For almost two decades, I have been the creator of sales enablement; the strategic, ongoing process of equipping sales, and in some areas operations, with the content, guidance, and training they need to effectively connect with others.

Sales enablement is about people and technology, and strategically aligning them both behind a common goal; which is connecting with clients.

Imagine an invisible string. One end of that string is tied to the salesperson, the other tied to the client. I find the magic in teaching how you can use that string to lead the client where you want them to gothat’s sales enablement. Whatever they need to be the best, this shepherd provides.

We teach how you can use that string to lead your client where you want them to go- now that is sales enablement.

From years of training some of the most brilliant talent in the catering sales world, there has been times when my “students” go on to the next chapter of their lives. I can always feel when it’s about to happen. They’ve come to me with the look of “I am about to disappoint you.” And then I surprise them. “Go shine in this next chapter, and take all the things you have learned, and make things happen! When you are this talented, you will always be successful, no matter where you go.” I am blessed to continuously hear from most of them when they are prepping for a promotion, becoming a new mom, applying for grad school… their built-in hype girl to remind them where they came from and what they have accomplished. They are my favorite calls.

Since the inception of Rainmaker, I have come to see that now I AM the remote shepherd. Moving from sales team to sales team across the country, teaching others to rise, close, question, and create; my goal remaining to give them the tools to move that string on their own, always.

Today I got this text:

(Holding my heart.) Proof that they are still fishing, even when I am not there, and eating for a lifetime.

Margaret Brower
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My specialty is hospitality sales, but my passion has always been the psychology of sales. I have loved and lived the life of a results-driven Director of Sales, and in that time developed a sales program with a two-fold leadership approach, skill development and human development.

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