One thing we hear over and over is “how often should I update my wedding website content to boost my SEO?”

The truth is your website should never be considered done. It’s an ever growing part of your business that’s available 24/7. Writing new copy for your main pages can feel daunting and often times impossible. You can only describe your ballroom some many ways. So how do you add content to your pages to keep them fresh for sales and SEO?

Add quotes from recent clients.

By adding quotes or reviews from past clients you have the ability to show off your work using someone else’s words. Their words can be far more valuable than anything you can write because they are so passionate about their experience and they can tell your story from your visitors perspective. The best part is, you can sprinkle these quotes throughout your site to help tell the story and even use them as a call to action. But how do you get these quotes?

1. Email

The most obvious choice especially if the event was recent or if you have a great relationship with your past couple. We suggest waiting until 2 weeks after their wedding before sending to allow them time to process all that’s happened. Usually they’ll be away on a honeymoon, be catching up at work, maybe saying goodbyes to relatives within the first week and won’t have the time or mental capacity to write a great review.

2. Use TheKnot & WeddingWire’s review collection tools.

If you haven’t used these tools before, you should be. This is a great way to gather reviews and get them listed on both sites for future couples. Plus this is also how you can with the coveted best of weddings and couples choice awards. Use caution however, by copying the entire review to your site you just may harm your SEO with duplicate content. We suggest using select pull quotes for safety and make sure you link back to the source.

3. Our Personal Favorite – Google Forms

This versatile and FREE tool is extremely handy. If you don’t have a google account already, click here to create one. You can even sign up for one using your business account email address.

Wedding Website Content SEO Form Builder with Google

Once logged in to google, navigate to google docs and click to create a new form. This will bring you into google form builder where you can customize to your hearts delight. We recommend taking your review collection form to the next level by including a few survey questions as well. This way you can gather vital feedback about your business, food quality, facilities, get recommendations and so much more. Finally before you finish google can generate a spreadsheet that will store all your feedback for easy sorting.

Want to kick it up a notch?

Add this google form link as a button on your website and create a QR code that can be printed onto cheap business cards to be handed out after events. You’d be amazed at the amount of great feedback you’ll receive plus you’ll have unlimited new quotes to put back into your website without worrying about duplicate content.

4. Leave it to the pros!

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, we’ve got the solution! Let Rainmaker build the form for you. Not only will we get you set up, we’ll train your sales team to make this part of every events workflow. An endless feedback loop bringing valuable insights to your leadership or director of sales. Plus it shows your clients that you value what they have to say. We’ll even generate the QR code and design the cards for you to match your brand and style.

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