I recently had the pleasure of joining Jonathan Aymin, the insightful host of The Venue Rx podcast, for an engaging discussion about the intricacies of wedding venue sales. As the owner of Rainmaker Sales & Marketing Group, I’ve always believed in the power of authentic connections and customized sales strategies, and it was wonderful to delve into these topics with Jonathan.

During our conversation, we explored the significance of establishing emotional connections with clients, which is a cornerstone of successful sales. We also discussed how to tailor sales methodologies to fit individual client needs and the advantages of leveraging CRM systems to enhance efficiency and client relations. One of the highlights for me was talking about the influence of non-verbal communication and the impact of generational differences on sales tactics—topics that are often overlooked but incredibly vital.

Jonathan’s warm hosting style made the entire experience enjoyable and thought-provoking. His dedication to providing valuable content for wedding venue owners and industry professionals is evident in every episode. With over 300 episodes of candid conversations with industry experts, The Venue Rx podcast is truly a treasure trove of knowledge and insights.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise and exchange ideas with such a passionate community. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend tuning in to The Venue Rx podcast for inspiration and practical advice on running a profitable wedding venue.

Looking forward to connecting with more of you and continuing these important conversations about wedding venue sales!

Keep shining,
Margaret Brower

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My specialty is hospitality sales, but my passion has always been the psychology of sales. I have loved and lived the life of a results-driven Director of Sales, and in that time developed a sales program with a two-fold leadership approach, skill development and human development.

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