Have you ever noticed how someone’s choice of words can reveal a whole world about them before they even realize it?

By Margaret Brower

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of candidates for sales positions, for not only my own venue catering sales team but for my Rainmaker clients. Throughout these experiences, one truth has consistently stood out: the body speaks first, the mind speaks second. It’s not just about what candidates say, but how they say it that reveals their true potential.This realization deepened during an unforgettable interview with a catering sales manager candidate for one of my client’s sales team. Their passion was palpable, and their natural language not only conveyed their qualifications but also their genuine enthusiasm for the role. By the end of our conversation, I found myself not just impressed, but truly energized and excited about what the future would hold with this positive candidate.

Inspired by this memorable encounter, I penned an article for the Spring 2024 issue of Special Events Magazine titled “Decoding the Language of Success: How to Identify Your Ideal Sales Candidate.” This piece explores the profound impact of natural language in sales interviews and how it can offer a glimpse into a candidate’s potential to thrive within your team.I’m eager to share this article with you. My hope is that it inspires you to find and nurture remarkable talent that resonates not just with the needs of your business, but also with its heart.

Decoding the Language of Success: How to Identify Your Ideal Sales Candidate

The language a sales candidate uses can reveal much about their potential fit and future success within your team. Interpreting a sales candidate’s natural language during interviews offers insights into identifying those who will positively (or negatively) communicate with your catering clients.

The Power of Natural Language in Sales

When interviewing candidates for a sales position, it’s crucial to go beyond surface-level listening, paying close attention to their choice of words, the connotations behind those words, and the positive implications their language may carry for your business. The natural language they use—those spontaneous sizzle words and phrases—can be incredibly telling.Words like “absolutely,” “synergy,” “growth,” “potential,” “brainstorming,” and “listening” are not just buzzwords; they reflect a candidate’s understanding of essential sales and relationship-building concepts. When I am interviewing candidates for my catering clients, I keep a running list of their language with positive and negative overtones, and the ease with which they use them.

Choosing the right sales candidate extends beyond their resume; it’s about finding someone whose natural language reflects the core values and goals of your catering business. By focusing on the nuanced ways candidates express themselves, you can uncover valuable insights into their potential to thrive within your team and contribute to your company’s success.

Remember: Hire Hard; Manage Easy.

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