Rainmaker’s PUMP ME UP Sales Meeting


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A one-hour session of RAINMAKER’S PUMP ME UP SALES. The content of the sales meeting will pair with the needs of your team.

Let’s make more Rainmakers and reach your collective sales potential! This hour-long virtual session is an opportunity for us to work collaboratively, exploring and understanding opportunities while also overcoming any challenges. Additionally we will conduct research into the competition so that you can make sure your edge remains sharp in this ever changing market place. Let’s grow together – let’s get started!

Research shows employees are searching for companies who will encourage and foster their professional development. This happens through continuing education. Catering is situational. The lessons inside don’t present themselves without individual experiences, making the equity of information disproportionate amongst your team. Margaret trains so when the circumstance arises, the salesperson has the tools to help themselves.

You are encouraged to assist in navigating the overview of your sales meeting. We will work together strategically, addressing opportunities and challenges.


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